Introducing our new RudderStack Pro Self-Serve Plans

Upgrade to RudderStack Pro with just a credit card. No more complicated invoicing processes or mandatory sales calls.

We also announced our product redesign along with our RudderStack Pro self-serve plans. Read about that in our blog post- Good Products Deserve Good Design: Introducing the Redesigned RudderStack.

Our Self-Serve Plans

If you want access to RudderStack Enterprise or your event volumes are greater than 100m events per month, contact our sales team — by either requesting a demo or sending us a message in our application like in the image below.

How to Upgrade from RudderStack Free to a RudderStack Pro Self-Serve Plan

  1. Click on Upgrade in the left navigation menu:

Click on the Upgrade Plan button:

This takes you to our Billing page. Here you can add a payment method and update your billing information.

Click on the Update Plan button.

Select the monthly or yearly plan for your desired monthly event volume and click the Continue button.

Click the Confirm button to finalize your new RudderStack Pro plan.

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