Mattermost’s Data Stack Explained: How They Leverage Unlimited Data For Customer Analytics


Who is Mattermost?

How Mattermost Use Real-time Customer Data

Mattermost’s Data Stack: An Overview

  • Cloud — AWS
  • Data Collection and Synchronization — RudderStack SDKs, Stitch Data, Heroku Connect, Custom Scripts
  • Warehouse — Snowflake
  • Data Transformation and Enrichment — RudderStack Transformations, DBT
  • BI and Data Querying Toolset — Looker
  • Job Orchestration — Apache Airflow

How Data Flows Through Mattermost’s Data Stack

  • Mattermost leverages RudderStack’s web, mobile, and server SDKs to collect user events in real-time and route them to their data storage infrastructure. For routing, they utilize RudderStack’s integration for Snowflake, their data warehouse.
  • Once all the data is dumped into the warehouse, they use Apache Airflow for job orchestration and scheduling. For data enrichment and transformation, they leverage DBT to convert all raw data across various sources into an aggregated data stream.
  • For business analytics and BI use-cases, Mattermost uses Looker to build visual dashboards and reports on top of the DBT data models.
Mattermost’s Customer Data Stack (Click to open in a new tab)

Data Collection and Storage

Other Data Sources

Data Warehousing, Orchestration and Enrichment

Activating the Data for Cutting-Edge Analytics

In Conclusion



All your customer data pipelines in one platform -

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