RudderStack Adds Support for PostHog as a Destination

We’re thrilled to announce that RudderStack now supports PostHog as a destination. PostHog is an open source self-hosted product analytics platform that allows businesses to set up their own infrastructure with one-click deployment.

We encourage you to try PostHog integration and contact us in case you have any questions, feedback, or issues to report. You can also start a conversation on these integrations on our Slack channel. We would love to talk to you!

Why we Added PostHog as a Destination

PostHog offers scalable product analytics while giving you full control over your data. It allows you to analyze how customers interact with your applications and website via the Event AutoCapture feature.

You can also watch live session recordings to know exactly where your users get stuck or what bugs they encounter. This massively improves customer experience and stickiness. PostHog is open source and you can easily self-host the platform. This makes it a good fit for B2C applications and enterprise users.

With PostHog, you can unlock powerful product analytics features while eliminating the data protection risks and costs of sending customer data to third parties.

What’s Next?

RudderStack promises to deliver your customer events to your favorite destinations, securely. We will continue adding support for different integrations after hearing from what our customers need.

Do check out some of our other integrations that suit your business needs perfectly!

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