RudderStack Supports CleverTap, Kustomer, and Bing Ads as Destinations

We’re happy and excited to announce support for three new integrations to our Destinations Suite — CleverTap, Kustomer, and Bing Ads. Now you can send your real-time customer event data to these destinations seamlessly and securely via RudderStack and get full control and flexibility over your event data.

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Why we Decided to Support CleverTap, Kustomer, and Bing Ads as Destinations

CleverTap is a SaaS-based customer engagement and retention platform that allows you to get real-time insights to build trustworthy relationships with your customers. It helps you understand how users interact with your product and run targeted campaigns to boost user engagement and retention.

Kustomer is a customer engagement platform that enables users to resolve their simple questions themselves. This allows agents to focus on delivering convenient, informative experiences to build customer loyalty. Kustomer manages and contextualizes data to drive smarter processes that scale your business.

Bing Ads is a popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables marketers to track and monitor their ad campaigns, CTRs, resulting clicks, and much more. With Bing Ads, you can also implement ad retargeting for your customers who have completed actions like adding a product to a cart or view a product without purchasing it.

How do our Customers use It?

Analyze Campaign Performance with CleverTap

CleverTap helps companies and brands understand the overall impact of all their campaigns that improve user conversions and ROI. This overview helps them resolve customer pain points and thus create a seamless experience for their customers. CleverTap also helps you calculate finer metrics, including active users, product viewed, added to cart, and more.

Save Time, Efforts, and Offer Improved Personalized Conversations with Kustomer

Kustomer helps companies automate their inefficient and time-consuming processes by offering proactive support to their customers. It offers agents a customized platform to route customers based on their unique needs and provides deep customer knowledge on the Kustomer Timeline to drive personalized customer experience. Kustomer enables companies to interact with customers in a single workspace removing the need to change systems.

Drive Sales and Increase Revenue with Bing Ads

Bing Ads is better than other search marketing platforms, especially in terms of reach and flexibility. It helps companies to leverage data from search to target what users are looking for. The platform further helps marketers refine and tailor based on what works for them and sketch out customized goals to reach potential customers and drive sales.

What’s Next?

RudderStack is an open-source product. We continuously work towards developing new integrations to ease your organizational workflows. We are also working on adding more sources and destinations soon.

RudderStack supports over 80 destinations and adds new integrations every two weeks, so be sure to look at the other integrations we support. You can also explore our other interesting features, including Warehouse Actions, Cloud Extracts, and Event streams.

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