RudderStack Supports Stripe as a Cloud Extract Source

RudderStack is proud to announce a great addition to our Cloud Extract Source integrations — Stripe.

Stripe is a well-known payment processing platform that allows businesses to send and receive money over the internet. Majority of the business sectors, including retailers, online marketplaces, software platforms, and more, use Stripe for managing online transactions.

Why do we Build Stripe as a Source?

RudderStack enables you to collect Stripe data into your warehouse and also route them to your preferred destinations for further analysis, where customer Stripe data can be an excellent input.

Most of the transactions these days happen online. Payment platforms like Stripe collect all the customers’ details, including information related to different transactions in a month, customer’s buying behavior, multiple payments sent and received across a common seller, and much more. If this data is synced within the data warehouse, the teams can leverage it in several ways.

You can combine Stripe data with data from your website, apps, and servers to understand customer behavior across multiple touchpoints. This further helps calculate the average LTV generated by loyal customers and revenue generated via referral sources.

You can also combine Stripe data with other integrations or third-party tools such as Zendesk to analyze costs generated across your customer’s subscription plan. Similarly, you can also send Stripe data to your favorite cloud tools supported by RudderStack.

How do our Customers use it?

Here are a few common use cases for Stripe as a Cloud Extract Source:

Migrate data to customer cloud tools securely — RudderStack securely integrates data from all Stripe Sources and routes it to end destinations — including data warehouses.

Get deeper insights into customer behavior — With the data now residing within your warehouse, teams get answers to challenging questions that go beyond Stripe’s dashboard.

Track recurring transactions — Each customer can be associated with multiple and recurring charges. Customer objects allow customers to track multiple charges and helps track transactions made by the same customer.

For detailed steps on how to add Stripe as Cloud Extract Source, read our documentation. You can also explore other Cloud Extract sources and destinations we support and try them out for free!

What’s Next?

RudderStack will continue developing integrations that ease your customer workflows. Our engineering team releases many new features and updates every month, and we do not want you to miss them. So, we share regular, recurring product roundups to cover the features, fixes, and new integrations that our engineers build.

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